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Gypsy Soul

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Hexagon base

Hexagon hoops with some gypsy soul energy. Made with silver or gold Hexagon base, wire wrap, hypoallergenic ear hooks and 2 different crystal options. 

Moonstone : Tap into your divine feminine energy with one of my favorite go to crystals. I love the goddess energy moonstone crystals bring to any jewelry design. These crystals help step into new beginnings , and calm the mind while feeling confident and transcendent. 

 Amazonite: Helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and calms the mind and body. This stone encourages you to speak your truth, while moving on from the egos fear of judgement and confrontation towards self and others. 

" I bring forth my gypsy energy, calm my mind, and free myself from my inner critic"  

 The model is wearing the gold moonstone  Gypsy Soul earrings and is looking fierce and radiant!

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